(ArcGIS Web Map)
Locations of restaurants and
bars in Södermalm, Stockholm

In this project, I worked with a case study of restaurants and bars in Södermalm, Stockholm as part of a course in Geodatabase Design. In a hypothetical bid to attract food tourists and increase knowledge of the local food culture, I was to design and create a "system" to store and present spatial and non-spatial information about different types of eating places in the area. The "system" is an interactive web map uploaded to ArcGIS's Map Viewer. This map had to fulfill the following list of general requirements:

The web map can be seen at the bottom of this page. 

To distinguish between the many different types of services, I aggregated them into larger point symbols (see the image to the left). This was necessary because without aggregating, showcasing the many services in Södermalm would result in an unclear and chaotic map. I did this in such a way that the yellow number indicates how many services are aggregated, and the displaying symbol denotes the type of service that is most dominant in that aggregated point symbol. This then changes dynamically as the map scale is changed (zoomed in and out).

The embedded web map below might make you wonder why it doesn't look like the image to the left. The reason for the numbers not showing on each aggregated point symbol has to do with an incompatibility between ArcGIS's web map services, i.e. the newer map viewer and the older map viewer classic. It seems that some features that are uploaded from ArcGIS Pro to the newer map viewer will simply not be recognized or displayed in the classic map viewer. After many attempts to fix it within ArcGIS Map Viewer, the attribute table containing the reviews could also not be loaded (not even in the newer map viewer) despite full functionality within ArcGIS Pro.

While the lack of intended functionality was frustrating at times, troubleshooting this issue taught me valuable skills in problem-solving and persistence.

The web map can be viewed larger in the newer map viewer here.